PGM has adequately conveyed greatly adroit ability for both substantial large sized and small scale industries, quick turnaround projects in the engineering domain through our vital accomplice organize, both from indigenous and from overseas. Our team outsourcing specialists have worked in an expansive range of factories and industries like the automobile firms, FMCG Company, pharmaceuticals, electronic spares and manufacturing companies, computer systems designing and manufacturing and various other category of industrial sectors. We have taken projects from various industrial concerns through the professional networks and from various references. PGM has successfully finalized and delivered gratifying erection, commissioning and complete set up of electronic systems and automation.

When it comes to the processing or outsourcing of works from clients we have controlled with the managerial practicalities of outsourcing alignments. In any case our true strain, notwithstanding, is quality. The projects that are done with quality are significant to the point that whole sections have been considered backing them, and the trading level presses on to expand the degree and accuracy of evaluating, quantifying and keeping up its systems. Without such commitment towards the quality of organization, triumph is doubtful for any business in today's surging business world. We are able to authorize a quality regimen and procedure on methodologies that are out of our immediate order. The reply will certainly be the study of the requirement, and documentation of project and regular review.

By outsourcing your technical needs to PGM, your requirements will be concerned for quality and it is very well justified. The detailed documentation and research note will be provided in according to the concerns of the client. By recognizing the simple quality responsibilities and communicating them without uncertainty we will recognize the quality controls and establish projects with promising values. The accuracy of work along with the standards will be sustained and high level of reliability is completely fulfilled through the in-house quality test.

Why to Choose PGM?

  • Commitment towards the Quality
  • Outperformed Customer Expectations
  • Valuable Instrumentation Services
  • Comprehensive Control panel Design
  • Gratifying Commissioning and Erection

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